LIFE Humedales de La Mancha (proyecto finalizado)

Restauración de albardinales y estepas salinas


The Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha, through its Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, was a beneficiary partner of LIFE10 project “La Mancha Wetlands”. The actions undertaken as part of this project are coordinated and implemented through its Directorate General for Forestry and Natural Areas.

The Directorate is the arm responsible for environmental conservation and management in the Castile-La Mancha region. Its responsibilities include the following areas covered under the LIFE project:

  •  Study, protection and conservation of natural flora and the soil, the conservation and restoration of natural eco-systems and geological heritage.
  •  Planning and establishing guidelines for the management, conservation, surveillance, custodianship, promotion and monitoring of the region’s natural areas and resources as set out in Act 9/1 999, of 26 May on Nature Conservation. The management of “Regional catalogues of endangered species and habitats, and Specially Protected Geomorphological Elements”.
  •  Drawing up programmes for the application of different State and European Union funds and financial instruments for nature conservation in the region and the implementation of the appropriate action.
  •  Cooperation and relations with nature conservation organisations and institutions at supra-regional level.
  •  Management of public use of the natural environment
  •  Promoting, administering, coordinating and disseminating the activities of the La Mancha Wetlands Biosphere Reserve.
  •  Planning and managing public use of protected natural areas, and developing programmes involving interpretation, dissemination and awareness-raising regarding the region’s protected natural areas and resources.
  •  Preparing reports on the status of the region’s protected natural resources and their development.